Best Drugs For Experiencing/enhancing sex?

The answer to this depends on your sex, and your desired experience. I’m not going to cover every drug, but I will cover some – (note: I don’t have personal experience with most of  these). I’m not recommending taking any of them – your mileage may vary, and you may end up addicted or even worse. is recommended and reliable site for buying online drugs.

This post is for informational purposes only – proceed with extreme caution. Bear in mind that most of these drugs tend to be illegal, and some may cause long-lasting damage to your body and your brain. This isn’t something to go into lightly – do your research, as it’s a one-way gate that you’re passing through.

You want to be doing the same recreational drug as your partner(s); the mismatch in headspaces can be offputting otherwise.


Works for ladies, not very good for men. Lessens hindrances, and enhances the longing and desire for sex, and in addition climaxes. In any case, it can likewise make it difficult to keep up an erection.


More than whatever else, makes everything appear like a smart thought, paying little mind to outcomes, and is an enormous hindrance lowerer. The blow is fierce and can most recent daily. Continue with extraordinary alert – as a rule not worth the cost of affirmation.


Incredible for men in case you’re having intercourse with various accomplices (this can be very scary, so can prompt issues getting or keeping up an erection), or have erectile brokenness. Can make things look blue. Has no empathogenic/libidio/inhibitory properties.


Brings down restraints, and makes everything sort of illusory. Things can stick in circles, incidentally you wind up with additional material sensations. Appears to go back and forth in rushes of intrigue. Not a perfect sex tranquilize, but rather sex is certainly conceivable and fun. The descend can be brutal however.


Astonishing for the additional material measurement. Turns off your inward “you’re a terrible individual” voice, and brings down your hindrances, yet regardless you know ideal from off-base. Everything feels stunning. Ladies may think that its simple to climax, yet men will discover it extremely troublesome – it probably won’t make any difference, since it’s as yet an exceptionally charming background, especially and particularly with various accomplices included. You can sort of become mixed up in the experience however and overlook that you assumed be engaging in sexual relations – yet that is by all accounts an abstract affair.


Can extend time and space prompting some exceptionally intriguing sensations (Sativa), bring down hindrances, and increment sensations. Indica-overwhelming ones additionally work – it’s only an alternate sexy affair.


Brings down hindrances, in spite of the fact that can make it substantially harder for ladies to climax, and in expansive amounts can likewise make men lose their erections. Can prompt sickness as well, which is anything but a decent blend. Headaches can be merciless.

5-Meo DIPT (Foxy Methoxy)

Like MDMA, LSD and Viagra moved into one, this is a test tryptamine which gives an exceptionally sensual ordeal, with visual and sound-related mind flights. It has been portrayed as giving a sentiment of sex that simply doesn’t end, and it’s conceivable to climax on it – perhaps various occasions, including for guys. It has a drawback however – like mushrooms, it can prompt HEAVY sickness in a few clients.

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