How can you identify a regular international online pharmacy?

According to the FDA report, 97% of International Pharmacy Online have violated state or federal laws or violated safety regulations.

“There is a high risk of purchasing drugs from fake online pharmacies because they may sell counterfeit drugs, expired drugs, contaminated drugs, drugs that have not been approved by the FDA, or other drugs that are dangerous to patients,” said FDA Director Margaret Hamburg. Indicated.

The FDA also stated in its report that the vast majority of online pharmacies do not sell 100% of genuine drugs, nor are they trading 100% of counterfeit drugs, but that true and false sales also ensure maximum profits. But there are some Canadian Pharmacy Online those providing genuine drugs.


Method one:


You can use the Center for the Safe Internet Pharmacy (CSIP) official website.

Check whether the pharmacy you visit is a regular website


Method Two:


Visit the Canadian pharmacy association (CIPA) website to verify the identity of pharmacies (Canadian Pharmacy Online only)


Method 3:


Visit the official website of the American Pharmacy Association and directly check the list of all certified U.S. online pharmacies


Method 4:


Visit the official website of the Canadian Online Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and go directly to the list of all certified Canadian online pharmacies.



Common fake Drug Site Name


The Canadian Online Pharmacy Association (CIPA) is an industry association of regular online pharmacies that lists the names of familiar fake drug sites on their websites.

If you visit the site to take the following names, then most of them are fake drug stores.


  • American Pharmacy


  • Best Discounted Drugs


  • Canadian Discounted Pharmacy


  • Canadian Drugstore


  • Canadian Family Pharmacy


  • Canadian Health & Care Mall


  • Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy


  • Canadians Online Pharmacy


  • Canadian Pharmacy


  • First Medicine Online Pharmacy Store


  • Green Line Pharmacy


  • Global Meds


  • Healthy & Happy


  • Mobile Pharmacy


  • My Canadian Pharmacy


  • 1 Canadian Pharmacy


  • Online Pharmacy


  • Personal Pharmacy


  • Pharmacy Mall


  • Pharmacy world


  • Sky Pharmacy


  • Toronto Drugstore


  • Toronto Drug Store


  • Trusted Tabs


  • Trust Pharmacy


  • Unified Drugs


  • Viagra Brand Online Store


  • Viagra Soft Tabs


  • World Pharmacy Store


  • Your Trusted Prescription Supplier



Common fake drug sites claim to be registered


  • Canada


  • Thailand


  • Israel


It does not mean that there are problems with online pharmacies in these countries, but that there are too many counterfeit drugs websites that are flaunting the banner of these countries and that they do not belong to these countries at all. Maybe it is a criminal organisation from Eastern Europe who claimed to be a Canadian pharmacy.



The characteristic features of fake medicine websites


  • No contact method


  • No customer service call



  • no company address


  • Sales of drugs below market prices


  • too much promotional activity


  • Self-proclaimed “We are a country pharmacy, but we have not been certified by our national government and therefore do not provide services to our consumers.”


  • Put Viagra on the homepage


  • Promoting the promotion of prescription drugs without a prescription. (The websites that are often advertised are all fake websites. Some regular sites also have lax prescriptions and do not even need prescriptions. However, regular websites are annoying and do not make a fortune. Openly publicise.)


  • There is no disclaimer at the bottom of the site


  • No business license is indicated at the bottom of the site

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