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Ornaments of 95% consist of platinum and 5% of platinum group metals. This is the purest of all existing jewelry alloys.

Natural white color

Platinum by nature has a natural white color. It is not oxidized in air and not darker. Products from it always retain their original appearance. In this pristine beauty lies a unique attraction of platinum jewelry.


By its nature, platinum is a chemically neutral metal. Ornaments from it can be safely worn every day, even if you have sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic properties of the metal will provide constant comfort and safety. For the same reason, platinum is often used in medicine.

Reliable fixation of precious stones

Platinum, in comparison with other metals, has a higher density. It is resistant to mechanical influences and, under the most critical deformations, preserves the integrity of even the finest elements. Due to this property, platinum tightly fixes precious stones. You can be sure, they will stay in place, whatever happens.


Platinum is metal for the sophisticated. It is chosen by connoisseurs of exquisite and luxurious jewelry to demonstrate its special status. Not surprisingly, many celebrities prefer precisely platinum jewelry. Among them are Irina Sheik, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Emilia Clark and Nicole Kidman. It is also known that the wedding rings from platinum were chosen by Merlin Monroe, Tom Cruise, and Gwen Stefani.


The biggest misconception about platinum is its high price. In fact, today it is comparable to the value of gold. It’s all about political and stock-market games, where yellow metal is just a financial indicator. Knowing this, you should remember the main thing: in platinum jewelry contains 95% of pure metal, while gold only 58.5%.


Ornaments of candere are real works of art. Delightful and inimitable. In absolutely any styles and variations: from classical and laconic, to fantasy and luxurious. We know precisely what you want, and what you will like. The top of your most favorite jewelry here. We are glad to present you the undisputed leaders of sales of candere. Thank you for choosing us.


If in our catalog you did not find a suitable model, we will be pleased to make for you a personalized decoration.

This service has already benefited thousands of customers of candere. Tell us about your idea to our experienced specialists from the department of individual production. We will be able to perform even the most complex jewelry work. You can do Platinum jewellery online shopping.

Let’s sum up the results

Jewelry rings made of platinum, of course, will cost more than similar products made of white gold. If you wear them neatly, you do not have to go to the jewelry shop, but if the product suddenly gets a mechanical damage, then the gold jewelry will suffer more. If you follow the rules of wearing and caring for ornaments, platinum products will last much longer, keeping your shine and beauty. Jewelry in white gold over time will have to be attributed to the jeweler for re-polishing and metallization.

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